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New contract


On October 9th a contract between CEZ Elektrownia Skawina S.A. (CEZ Polska S.A.) and international consortium of the Polish SBB Energy S.A. and Czech CEZ Energeticke Sluzby was concluded. The contract envisages the construction of a modern installation of NOx reduction of exhaust fumes in CEZ Elektrownia Skawina power plant. The catalytic NOx installation will be the most modern installation of this kind in Poland and will be constructed behind the existing half-dry desulfurisation installation as the tail-end technological system. On 17.08.2017 the Implementing Decision 2017/1442/EU from 31.07.2017 that conludes the best available (BAT) techniques with reference to big objects of energetic combustion in compliance with directive of the European Parliament and of the Council 2010/75/UE was published. The BAT conclusions impose on generative entities restrictive requirements mostly in terms of acceptable range of SO2, NOx, dust, Hg, HCL, or HF pollution emitted.

SBB ENERGY from many years meets the growing expectation of the market that our clients have to face. Our portfolio includes a series of technological solutions of ehaust fumes reduction that can be implemented individually or together forming a highly effective hybrid technologies that provide the most optimal solutions individually configured for specific infrastructural conditions of generative entities that ensure emission on the level compatible with BAT.

In our pursuit of the technological development we remain aware of the fact how the tightening requirements affect the characteristics of technological system in the field of complex energy generation (e.g. how particular methods affect combustion side products). Due to the fact that so called Circular Economy Acts will be implemented, in the process of choosing the most appropriate solution it is one of the indispensable elements that has to be taken into consideration. Tail-end SCR type installation takes all these conditions into account and will cause that the power plant CEZ Elektrownia Skawina S.A. will meet both BAT conclusions and projected Circular Economy acts’ prerequisites.

The announcement of the selection of suppliers


Regarding the completion of collecting offers on the supply of test cartridges and collectors for the construction of a pilot plant, referring to the application for co-financing within the Smart Growth Operational Programme 2014-2020 Measure 1.2, SBB Energy S.A. would like to inform that as a result of purchasing procedure no. 9/POIR/SBB 9002/2017 on August 28th, 2017 a supplier was chosen - W.L. Gore & Associates Inc, 101 Lewisville Rd, Elkton, MD, 21921 USA

Signing a contract for the construction of the flue gas denitrogenation plant in the Bydgoszcz CHP Complex.


We are pleased to announce that on 18.08.2017 SBB ENERGY S.A. signed a contract for the construction of the flue gas denitrification plant in the Bydgoszcz CHP Complex. According to the contractual records, the installation of the K4 boiler will be commissioned in the first phase of the project that will take place in August 2018, and the K3 boiler later in November 2018. The contract is due to be completed in December 2018. We wish the whole team coordinating the project its successful and timely completion.